About Us

Our goal is simple - to our clients
businesses ahead of the game.

Inspired by industry leaders and mentors, Kenan Ng, the founder, has envisioned a company driven by excellence and innovation. Keen to create an ecosystem that thrives on this culture, Valse has grown to encompass strengths of its partners and continues to advance on a path of growth.


We not only seek to enable businesses to be equipped technologically, but also to the advance their business through innovative solutions. We work closely with experts and specialists across different fields. From design to branding, from UX to mobile apps, from digital operations to e-commerce, we have it covered.

In the era of Information and globalisation, your business reach has the potential to transcend traditional boundaries and limitations. It is the perfect time to work with us to bring your business growth to a wide reach. If you are ready, we can't wait to hear from you today.


To create sustainable and consistent commercial value for business owners like you by building and developing web & mobile applications that ultimately serves your target end users.

  • High Quality
  • Speedy Delivery
  • Competitive Pricing