Interactive SMS

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“Let Your Customers Interact With You”

Sending out SMSes to your customers is a good initiative, but giving them the option to reply and interact with your business is just as important. With Valse Interactive SMS solution, you enable your customers to interact with you from their mobile phones. They initiate the communication by sending you SMSes.

Valse Interactive SMS Solution allows mobile phone users to interactively respond and retrieve information from/to the web services/applications. With this system, mobile phone users can stay connected to what they view as essential information such as stock prices, flight delays or World Cup scores.

Our system allows business enterprises to provide SMS content. Our SMS Gateway has direct connections to all 3 telecommunication companies in Malaysia (Maxis, Celcom and DiGi). This approach eliminates the complexity of managing connectivity and billing requirement for each mobile operator. Once integrated, you will be able to receive SMS messages from mobile phone subscribers and your application will be able to respond accordingly.

We provide virtual long numbers to manage your inbound messages. We can provide one or more mobile numbers for your SMS programs. Additionally, the number can also be shared, i.e. used for many different campaigns, which comes handy if you are looking to reduce costs.

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Plans & Pricing

Virtual SIM Plan Description Setup Fee (RM) Renewal Fee (RM / year)
Shared Cost effective shared SIM number with one KEYWORD 597 597
Dedicated Your very own dedicated SIM number with unlimited KEYWORD 4997 3597