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“Build Online Businesses; Not Just Websites”

Setting up a website for your business is a first step to engage your customers. However, it is only a starting point, a small puzzle in the e-commerce setup of your online business, a virtual business front desk where your customers come by. It makes a good impression but the actual shopping experience is what really counts. This is where e-commerce solutions come in – to enable customer acquisition, product sales and customer retention online.

Valse e-Commerce is built on our tried and tested framework that enables you to easily manage your product catalogues, customer database, sales orders, shipping procedures and other business essentials on the platform. We also strive to understand your business better so that we can incorporate the right e-commerce solution to further personalize your customer's shopping experience with you.

  • Product Catalog

    Unlimited products and unlimited tier for product categories, with unlimited product photos using intelligent system auto-resize. Allows product attributes and combinations, as well as product comparison. Product can be attached to a primary category and brand.
  • Power Search

    Intuitive search bar that allows visitors to easily search for products, categories and brands by relevant keywords.
  • Customer

    Comprehensive customer account management platform. Enables customers to save addresses, manage wishlists, view orders and write product reviews. Securely store and process authentication information.
  • Checkout

    Smooth shopping cart to order processing experience for customers and shop operators. Easy to use shopping cart and simple checkout process and a comprehensive order management backend allows customers to communicate, track delivery, get notified and monitor order statuses witout hassle.
  • Shipping

    Allows multiple shipping options, available for orders based on weight and region.
  • Taxes

    Easy setup for local and regional tax compliance, with options to determine pricing display.
  • Promotions

    The arsenal of tools for your marketing campaigns. Powerful promotion controls which allows adhoc and scheduled promotions and voucher codes, targeted for specific members, products and product categories or everyone. Promotions can be further configured with validity periods and quantity restrictions.
  • Points / Credits

    Built-in customer retention feature at your disposal. Enables customers to earn points and use as credits on next purchase. Simply configure the conversion rate of points to credits to optimize the value of points earned and redeemed by customers.
  • Payment Gateway

    Accept payments with the payment gateway of your choice that works best for your target customers. Our e-commerce framework is readily integrated with MEPS FPX, Direct Bank ePayments, eGHL, MOLPay, iPay88, WEBCASH and PayPal. Advanced features such as payment authorization and recurring payments are available as well, depending on the provider.
  • FAQ

    Complete FAQ module set with questions, answers and categories, all which are easily organized by drag-and-drop.
  • Testimonial

    Testimonials from other customers that provides the boost you need to increas sales conversion of potential buyers.
  • Localization

    Multi-lingual and multi-currency - visitors can select their preferred language and currency to view product information in the language they are familiar with. Powerful translation control and foreign currency exchange rate management are available for administrators.
  • Live Chat

    Integration of Live Chat for faster and better customer engagement for your shop.
  • Responsive Website Design

    All of the content with no penalty to users on smaller device screens. User interface design that works on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
  • Unlimited Content Pages

    Need a new page? Our content page feature allows administrators to create responsive web pages on the fly, using pre-designed templates built for your website.
  • Built-In Enquiry Management

    Never miss another online form enquiry. On top of email notification to administrators, enquiries are now saved into your website database for easy tracking and review.
  • On-Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Website is SEO enabled with the following readily configurable:
    • Friendly URL
    • Meta tags
    • Proper code structure
  • Backend Administration

    Essential administrative backend for website and access management:
    • Staff profile and access management
    • Fine-grained permission control
    • Audit trail of backend activities
    • Announcement posts for backend staff
  • REST API Integration

    Modern REST API integration ready for action. Integrate external services into your website, or turn your website into a web service!
    • Based on practical RESTful principles
    • Built with security in mind - API credentials required for access
    • Data communication via JSON format
  • Business First Approach

    Website is built with commercial purpose in mind. We believe the best technologies can only enhance an already successful business model or process, not replace it.
  • Scalable and Extensible Solution Architecture

    Our solutions are based on websites and mobile apps as point of user interaction, integrated to a centralized server application. Scale and extend anytime.
  • Leveraging Proven Open Source Technologies

    We develop on Linux-Apache-Mysql-PHP (LAMP) stack environment. Cost-effective, reliable and high performance.
  • Compliant to Corporate Brand Identity

    Design that solidifies and extends your brand identity, while consistently communicates the intended messages for your products and services.
  • Cross Browser Compatible

    Website that works for more than 98%* of all visitors. We develop for IE10 (and above) / EDGE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and other standard-compliant browsers.
  • Preemptive and Responsive Security Layers

    Modern multi-layered protection for your application. Built-in security implementations include company process compliance, custom user permission and privileges, hashed and authenticated connections to external systems, SSL support, proper credentials storage algorithms and many others.
  • Priority on Performance

    Faster page loading speed. Website that leverages cache technology on application and database, along with optimized images, files and SQL queries.
  • Lean Development Model

    Speedy, responsive and on point development process. Our proprietary development model enables efficient project implementation and effective results.

*Browser statistics based on w3schools.com