Bulk SMS

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“Communicate Intsantly With Your Customers”

Everyone has a mobile phone and we bring it with us wherever we go. So what could be more effective than to SMS all your customers whenever your business has something new to offer? It could be an announcement, a product launching, promotion offers/vouchers/coupons, news about your brand, and other updates/reminders. All you have to do is craft out the message, send it out and they will receive your SMS instantly.

Valse Bulk SMS system runs on the web platform to provide simple tool features that enable you to design your SMS messages, decide your sender groups and blast out SMSes at the click of a button from your computer. With a simple user interface, you can send SMSes to your customers without external assistance in the comfort of your office and home – as long as there is Internet connection. At current, our SMS solution comes with the lowest network rates in the market.

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Short Code SMS Packages

SMS Credit Setup Fee (RM) Price Per Credit (RM) Package Price (RM)
500 100.00 0.090 145
1,000 100.00 0.090 190
2,000 100.00 0.090 280
5,000 Waived 0.090 450
10,000 Waived 0.090 900
20,000 Waived 0.085 1700
50,000 Waived 0.085 4250
100,000 Waived 0.085 8500

Need a larger package? Let us customize one that works for you! Contact us today for further information.