Email Campaign Solution

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“Online Marketing”

What better way to reach out to your target audience about your latest promotional vouchers, monthly newsletter, or communication links through our customized, affordable, efficient and effective email campaign solution? Valse Email Direct Marketing focuses on a marketing tool that put your business needs in our minds. Our EDM lets you create newsletter and email campaigns with ease.

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Email Campaign Packages

Email Credit Setup Fee (RM) Price Per Credit (RM) Package Price (RM)
10,000 Waived 0.0300 300
20,000 Waived 0.0300 600
50,000 Waived 0.0150 750
100,000 Waived 0.0120 1200
200,000 Waived 0.0100 2000
500,000 Waived 0.0100 5000
1,000,000 Waived 0.0090 9000
2,000,000 Waived 0.0085 17000
5,000,000 Waived 0.0070 35000

Need a larger package? Let us customize one that works for you! Contact us today for further information.