Corporate Identity Design

Design & Development  •  Every business starts from the essentials
“Play the Corporate Dress Up Game to Win”

It is human nature to form first impressions. Your customers may have little time to form a lasting impression.

The power to form a belief on first view is valuable to every brand. Corporate essentials such as a brandmark, colours, typeface and images form the corporate face for your company. Together, the visuals speak for the organisation and can be a persuasive force that works for your corporate and marketing communications.

As such, a thoughtfully and professionally designed corporate identity provides the edge in our highly competitive business environment.

  • Logo

    A well crafted symbol or wordmark that reflects the essence of the brand.
  • Namecard and Letterhead

    Thoughtfully designed calling card and letterhead that marries function and aesthetics, that serves both sender and recipient well.
  • Identity Guide

    A guide that provides the foundation in order to correctly apply and use of the identity elements in a streamlined manner for successful deployment. The guide shows how typography, colour and the brandmark work together to provide a consistent identity to the brand. This guide can also be expanded and applied to different communication materials including websites and marketing communications.
  • The Spirit of Partnership

    We work on the premise that designers are consultants to the client and the work is grounded on the client's business dynamics.
  • Design Process

    We follow a time-tested design process to get the best design decisions. Design to us is a process of objective problem solving, that is not only about aesthetics, that creates value for the client.
  • Design Philosophy

    It is easy to add, but harder to remove. We strive to distil our design outcomes to its essence - in order to bring out what truly matters.
  • Depth

    Our work is based on research in order to discover the essence at the core of the organisation or brand.
  • Enduring Identity

    Using our experience and expertise, we create brandmarks aimed to outlive trends and work across different media and materials.