Top 3 Tips on How To Choose A Good Web Developer

January 5, 2015 (Mon)  |  By Valse  |  In Eating Out
Many do not realize that owning a website is a long-term project. A website has to be updated at all times, monitored and managed accordingly to ensure that you get the best out of this communication channel. When left unattended, your website can be stagnant and redundant to your target audience. Imagine customers logging into your website for the latest news dated many years ago? What kind of brand impression are you instilling in them?
That is why it is important to choose a good web developer, someone who you can work with on a long term basis who will help you to make the best out of building a website. You need to recruit a web developer who understands the objectives of your project and helps you to achieve your goals. It is never an one-off partnership; it's a lasting partnership where your web developer ensures your website is functioning and working for you.  Here are the top three tips on how to  choose a good web developer.
(1) Friendly and Approachable
Since it is a long-term working relationship, choose someone who is friendly and approachable to ensure that communication is easy during the whole project duration. Choose a web developer who is willing to meet up with you when required, who answers your phone calls and replies your email. This is important to ensure that every time you face a problem with your website, the web developer is always ready to assist you.
(2) A Good Listener
A web developer who takes time to listen and understand your needs is one who cares for your business. If he/she spends time to assess your business model and understand your business operations, this shows that they are passionate about their job. Passionate people work with enthuasism, which can be translated to their work. How do you judge if they are a good listener? Talk with them, ask them questions and listen if they answer your enquiries accordingly.
(3) Experienced Professional
With passion and good personality, the next thing to find out is if the web developer is skilled and experienced to complete the task. Request to have a look at their portfolio. Check out the websites which they have worked on. Ask them for customer reference and check them out. Talk with people who have worked with them before. If you like what you see and what you hear, that means the web developer is one that fits the bill for you!
Remember, working with a good web developer is vital to ensure that your website is well managed and running at all times. A well-maintained website reflects your brand positively, keeps you at the top of the business and lets you have an online presence. Choosing the right web developer makes all the difference.