Why Going Online Is A Must

April 16, 2013 (Tue)  |  By Valse  |  In Architecture

Your brand is growing and your business is expanding on ground. You have the marketing team increasing sales, the corporate communications team working on brand image, the production team improving and innovating your products and services. Ultimately, you would want to generate more customers to use your products and services. But where do you reach them?
The Internet. More than half of Malaysia’s population is connected to the Internet, which accounts for 65% out of 26 million of its citizens in year 2010. That is a rapid jump from 10 years ago where only 15% of the population utilized the Internet. Thus makes expanding your business online an extremely necessary to reach out to a larger target market of customers. The key to a successful business in our modern, fast-paced society is being accessible both online and offline. If you are operating a business offline, here are a few reasons why you should consider going online.
Cost Efficiency
Companies spend millions on advertising and marketing executions. To minimize costs, businesses have found a new way to market – the Internet. The cost to build a website is much less than what is needed for offline efforts. What you need is basically a computer, Internet and website hosting packages. If your business is small or just starting up, running it online gives you a more personal control as can manage everything on your own.
The world will know you without you needing to travel for promotional activities, nor set up physical stores in places. This leads to increased sales, minus the need to cover monthly operation site costs. The Internet provides so much information that can help your business grow such as global consumer behavior and economic trends. By employing certain methods, you are able to analyse relevant data and statistics through the Internet instead of the traditional way – it is faster and more affordable too!
Reach Out!
Being online breaks down location barriers. Customers from near and far can see what your business offers. Social networking sites are the new ‘word of mouth’ method. With just one click, one single user can tell hundreds of people on his contact list about a product or service. When people become interested, naturally they will click and find out more, which already achieves brand awareness.  With so many people tapping on the Internet every day and almost half the world is connected, can you imagine how far your brand will travel?
Seamless Management
Bringing your business online can mean rebuilding your entire business to leverage the Internet world. You will need to have a different operating system. For example, instead of storing many documents into the storeroom, you can now computerize all of it. This enables the administration and sales division to synchronise or update the database anytime, anywhere, via the Internet. It is also cost effective as you do not have to rent a place to store your data or keep it safe from physical threats.
The Internet is here to stay. Each day, more people are discovering the wonders and enjoying the experience of being connected. If you want to stay ahead of the pack, going online is the next step!
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